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The Magic of Personality Portrait Photography for Kids

Transform traditional into extraordinary with personality portrait photography for kids – genuine moments, unique expressions.

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Ever heard of personality portrait photography for kids? Think school photos, but way better.

If you’ve ever sighed at the uninspiring traditional school photos, I get it – the fake backgrounds, dull colors, and let’s not forget the hefty price tag. There’s an alternate that captures your child’s true self but also makes for stunning, frame-worthy art – Personality Portraits for Kids.

Now – I’m definitely not the first or only photographer to offer these sessions. But, that doesn’t change the fact that these kid-centered portraits are SO fun, unique, and are bursting with each child’s personality.

Let’s dive deeper into why these sessions are so amazing and why they deserve a spot in your life (and on your walls!)

With personality portrait photography, kids aren’t forced to ‘say cheese’

Traditional school photos often force kids into the infamous ‘say cheese’ smile. More often that not, the end result is us saying “Since when do you smile like that?” when we get the photos back!

Personality portrait sessions, however, encourage authenticity. I’m naturally going to ask every kid to smile, but they’re given the freedom to be themselves.

When your child isn’t being forced to look a certain way, they’ll naturally be more comfortable in front of the camera and their personality will shine. Even if that personality is more of a mean-mug than a big smile!

Personality portrait sessions are quick and easy

Surprisingly, these sessions are incredibly efficient, lasting about 5 minutes per child! In that short time, we can capture a variety of expressions that reflect your child’s personality.

I’ll ask about their interests, favorite songs, and share a few jokes, adding an extra layer to the experience. The result? Photos that go beyond the surface, revealing the uniqueness of every child in their current stage.

Most importantly, you’ll get true-to-life, frame-worthy art

These photos are coming from a photographer (hi!) with a passion for what they’re doing, not someone being paid by a big company to ask for a smile and click a button.

What sets these personality portraits apart is the authenticity they bring. You’ll receive photos that genuinely represent your child; the mischievous glint in their eyes, the quirky smile, their shyness. Those little things are just who your child is right now! They are an important part of the little human that you love so dearly.

If you are over lackluster school pictures, personality portraits for kids are just what you’re looking for.

These sessions are only going to be offered once or twice a year and are opened up to my email list first. If you’d like to be the first to know when registration opens, click below to add yourself to the list!

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