Coordinating Outfits for Spring Family Pictures

Coordinating outfits for spring family pictures will help amplify your style while staying true to your personality.

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“What do we wear?” seems to be the most common question I get from families, so I’m here to help you with coordinating outfits for spring family pictures. Spring is a season of renewal, fresh starts, and shaking off the cold of winter months. What better way to emerge from our hibernation than to get some spring family photos taken?

In this guide, we’ll explore key points to consider when selecting outfits, ensuring that your family not only looks great but also feels their best in the outfits you choose.

Choosing a Color Palette for Spring Family Pictures

Let’s select a color palette that complements both the season and your chosen location. Whether you’re amidst blooming flowers outdoors or capturing the coziness of your home, consider these tips:

Outdoor Photoshoots:

  • Reflect the freshness of spring with lighter tones.
  • Avoid blending into the surroundings; choose colors that stand out against the backdrop.

In-Home Photoshoots:

  • Harmonize with your home’s interior by considering existing decor tones.
  • Darker-toned outfits work well in rooms with less natural light and contrasting furniture.
  • For bright rooms and lighter decor, consider cream, soft grays, and warm pastels.

Here are some color combinations to consider in general for coordinating outfits for spring family pictures:

Color palette for spring family photos

For more color palette inspiration, Pinterest is always a great place to explore!

The idea is to coordinate your outfits for spring family photos, so steer away from the matchy-matchy.

Here are some tips to find that balance:

  • Avoid Replicating Colors:
    • You don’t want any two family members wearing the exact same color.
    • Identical colors results in those people getting lost in the photo and the outfit becoming the focal point, especially if they are right next to each other.
  • Vary fabric textures to add depth and visual interest.
    • For example, mix dresses with different fabrics for moms and daughters.
    • Contrast fabric choices, such as pairing jeans with lighter gray or khaki for Dad and boys.

Examples of Coordinated Outfits:

  • Mom: Soft Pink Dress | Dad: Light Gray Shirt with Tan Chinos
  • Daughter: Floral Mint Green Dress | Son: Denim Jeans with a Coral Polo

Finally, prioritize comfort over finding the “perfect” coordinating outfits

You can nail the outfit selection, but if you hate the way it fits I promise you it will be very hard not to let that discomfort show in your photos!

Comfort = relaxed confidence.

When you aren’t fidgeting with clothes, you can focus on having fun with your family, which is the whole point of family photos!

Coordinating outfits for your spring family photo shoot is an opportunity to express your family’s personality and style. By carefully choosing colors, coordinating rather than matching, and prioritizing comfort, you’ll not only create visually stunning images but also capture the true essence of your family’s unique bond. Let this spring be a celebration of love, growth, and timeless memories.

Ready to capture the beauty of your family this spring? Whether amid blooming flowers or within the comfort of your home, let’s make your everyday family moments truly unforgettable in this season.

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