Lifestyle Photography is for Everyone

Whether at home or outdoors, there is so much beauty in unfiltered storytelling with lifestyle photography.

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lifestyle photography is for everyone
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I'm ashley!

I'm a newborn and family photographer based in Tacoma, WA. I love working with new and growing laid-back families who are comfortable with the imperfect and love doing life with their people.


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Lifestyle family photography: where each frame weaves a captivating story – your story.

It’s all about capturing your family in heartfelt and profound moments, brimming with sincere emotions. Lifestyle photography leans towards natural interactions, inspires laughter, and celebrates the beauty of imperfection. It abandons traditional poses and embraces the radiant warmth, joy, and love that make your family truly extraordinary.

Family photos should be about more than good outfits and perfect smiles; that’s where lifestyle photography shines.

Your family is a living, breathing thing that has it’s own pulse. It doesn’t need to be shoved into a box of what your family photos “should” look like. It needs to be set free and given the freedom to stretch and take up space – or rather, to snuggle up real close and love on each other.

And that’s simply what the best thing about lifestyle photography is.

Should you make an effort with your wardrobe for family photos? 100%.

Can you do that and still be yourself? Absolutely.

Lifestyle photography captures the essence of your family and produces the kind of photos that you can’t stop looking at because it brings you such joy and gratitude for your people. The kind of photos you hang on your wall and have a really hard time putting a new one in front of because you love it so damn much.

It’s the same approach to how I capture my own kids and our day to day happenings

Rarely do I ask my kids to look at the camera.

Let me rephrase that – rarely do my kids actually look at me when I ask them to look at the camera. . . 😉

I’ve grown to enjoy the thrill of getting meaningful photos of them in the moment without them knowing I’m doing it. If they see me, the silliness immediately kicks in – but I love getting the tongues sticking out and booty shaking photos in the mix, too!

Focusing on interactions, playing and laughing together, and letting the kids be kids results in photos that are so much more meaningful than a whole gallery of everyone looking at the camera images (but I still get a few of those – Grandmas love ‘em 😉 )

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle family photography tells a story

And it’s the most important story. The story of where you are and what your family looks like right now.

Lifestyle photography lends to representing your family in an honest way that is full of genuine emotion.

Does this magically happen when you get in front of my camera? Not really. You’re still going to need some guidance and directing, but in a fluid and natural way. It’s so fun to give families permission to play and enjoy each other’s company during their session with prompts that are sure to bring out some genuine love and laughter.

For the kids, it’s all about letting them be themselves, encouraging the silliness and play. It’s even about letting them be a bit grumpy if that’s the mood of that five minutes

Sessions at your home turn into a documentary experience, unveiling the magic of everyday moments. I really love to get that fly-on-the-wall perspective – whether that’s reading together, playing music, playing games, baking up something delicious…the possibilities are endless and unique to each family.

Lifestyle family photography is simply the best – how it captures the essence of your unique story, the genuine moments, and the unfiltered love – it’s all just simple and beautiful, and it’s the why behind my style.

Embrace the joy, the silliness, the warmth, and create images that will forever ignite gratitude and bring smiles to your faces. Your story deserves to be told authentically through the lens of a lifestyle photographer.

Ready to see what magic we can capture with your family?

Let’s do this!

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