What to Wear for Photos: Bonus Tips

Learn from my past experiences with these bonus tips on what to wear for photos – family, newborn, and maternity!

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Alright – you’ve decided on what to wear for photos. Now let’s talk about details! This ‘what to wear’ guide is dedicated to bonus tips that highlight the often overlooked details of your outfits.

It’s easy to forget about the details when choosing outfits for your photo session, especially when your first concern is deciding on outfits to begin with!

Most (if not all) of these tips come from experience and are things I try to think about now when picking out my own family’s outfits.

Choosing colors that complement one another is a key factor in family photos that look good

First what to wear bonus tip: make sure everyone’s outfits fit before the day of your photos

Don’t find out something doesn’t fit 30 minutes before you need to be out the door – it’s not a great way to start off your photo experience.

Have everyone try on their outfit at least a week before your Tacoma family photos gives you time to change out things that don’t fit like they should.

Next bonus tip: pay attention to the little details of outfits when choosing what to wear for photos

  • Undershirts: these can be seen with movement in photos, so make sure that they are clean, hole-free, and don’t clash with the shirt being worn over the top of it
  • Socks: much like the undershirts, these can be seen with movement or while sitting when the pants naturally raise up. Choose a pair that won’t stand out or be a distraction if they’re seen
  • Bra straps: ladies, take your tops for a test drive. You don’t want to constantly mess with your shirt to keep the straps hidden.
  • Shirt/dress cut: often times something will look great if you’re standing juussst right. But, make sure that you’re not going to be showing off anything you don’t want to if you shift from that position! Check how low the cut goes on the shirt or how high the dress sits on your leg. Make sure you’re comfortable with how it fits!
  • Kids: especially with little ones, you’ll likely pick them up and hold them at some point during your photos. Big, poofy dresses aren’t as cute when they’re bunched up around dad’s arms. Sweaters that don’t fit correctly tend to ride up and cover faces.
    Having fitted shorts or bloomers under a dress (that matches the outfit) will prevent underwear showing during the shoot.

You’ll want to think about the location your photos will be at when picking out shoes

Personally, I am not the type to wear pretty much any kind of shoe that has a skinny, pointy heel. But, that may totally be your style! However, if we are taking photos of at a location that is mostly grass, rocky trails, or dirt paths, that type of shoe may not be the easiest to walk around in.

Making sure the kids have proper fitting shoes will prevent complaints about walking, their feet hurting, or tripping over themselves.

Last but not least, choose accessories that won’t be a distraction

Bows and headbands are adorable, don’t get me wrong. But, if they are big or don’t stay where they are supposed to, you’ll spend more time trying to fix them than you will focusing on connecting with your family during your shoot.

Along the same lines, smart watches often clash with the outfit you’re choosing for photos. If it’s hidden under a sleeve that’s fine, but you might need to consider a traditional watch style that will blend in better.

Bottom line when choosing what to wear for photos – comfort is key!

I’ve said this in my other outfit tip post – nobody likes to be fidgeting with outfits. Do yourself a huge favor and make sure the outfits fit.

Whether you’re having your family, maternity, or newborn photos taken, these tips apply to any of those scenarios. I hope you can learn from my past misfortunates with family photo outfits and utilize these tips to help pick out the best outfits for your session!

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