What to Wear for Newborn Photos

Deciding on what to wear for newborn photos? Use these tips to make the decision an easy one for baby and the rest of the family.

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I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’re expecting a baby in the near future – congratulations!! Bringing a tiny human into your life is such a unique experience for each family, and one that I absolutely love to help document.

There are so many things going on when you are adjusting to life with a new baby, and picking out what to wear for newborn photos can be stressful. I have some simple pointers below that will make getting ready for your newborn family photo session much easier!

Think about your personal style when choosing what to wear for newborn photos

Pinterest is good for inspiration, but don’t get sucked into feeling like you have to look a specific way. You don’t need to “dress up” to get beautiful photos of your family and baby.

You’ll probably want to choose clothes that are step up from loungy sweats, but also wouldn’t be something you’d wear to a wedding or cocktail party 😉

Choosing pieces you are comfortable in (that goes for all members of the family!) and that are a style you would normally wear will allow you to relax and be yourself during the session.

If you like a more classic look, stick to solid color tops or those with subtle patterns. If you naturally have a more eclectic look, think about layering items with different textures of fabric.

And yes – leggings are acceptable, moms! 🙂

What colors will look best for newborn photos at home?

We are going to be taking these photos in your home, and it’s also the place they will be displayed. It only makes sense for them to fit in with your style and decor!

Select colors for each family member that complement each other rather than match exactly. You can base your color scheme off of what baby is wearing, or even off of what mom feels the most comfortable in.

One more thing to think about is the overall tone to your home – is full of lighter/brighter colors with big open spaces? Or is it darker toned decor and furniture in a more enclosed space? You’ll want to lean towards the opposite of whatever the answer is for your outfits.

If you wear dark toned clothing and your space is on the darker side, you’ll tend to get lost in the shadows of your photos. But, if you wear brighter colored clothing in a space that’s on the darker side, this will help you stand out more in the space. Doing this will help you complement and stand out from your surroundings rather than match it. Wearing white while sitting on your white couch (you brave, brave soul!) with white walls is not the way to go 🙂

What should the baby wear for newborn photos?

We don’t want baby’s outfit to distract from the perfect simplicity of a newborn. Solid colors or those with small prints are ideal. Neutral colors are always a safe bet (we all have a white onesie or two for the baby, right?). I adore bolder colors and love it when those get included, too.The baby’s outfits should be “fuss-free”, meaning they fit well and are relatively easy to get baby in and out of. Sleep gowns (like these from Lou Lou & Company or Caden Lane Baby) and onesies are both great options. We can even use swaddle blankets if your baby likes being in those.

Overall, I truly would love for you to choose things you already own, pieces that reflect your style, and things that you and the rest of the family are comfortable wearing. The thing I love about lifestyle sessions? They showcase your family in an authentic way, and what you decide on for outfits plays into that nicely.

Don’t get stuck thinking everyone has to have perfectly curated outfits and remember – keep it simple and comfortable!

I hope this was helpful in deciding what to wear for newborn photos. If you’d like more guidance or further help narrowing down your options for outfits, don’t hesitate to ask!

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